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Continuing on our journey of Gujarati language education in America, our organization is committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Our Vision

Just A Little Help Can Make Their Hearts Happier.

A united Gujarati community that supports our youth in realizing their potential, promotes Gujarati culture and help each other in dark times.

Gona team with Jay Vasavada and DJ Devki
Gona co founder and ex CM of Gujarat with BAPS Mahantswamy
Our Mission
  • To help our seniors be more active by giving back through mentor-mentee program and engaging in creative activities.
  • To encourage our youth to participate in celebrating culture, religion, spirituality, sports, and politics.
  • To celebrate our Religion and culture by creating content for TV and digital platforms.

  • To build Community Centers across the US that bring Guajarati’s together.

  • To strengthen and enhance our political participation in the US.

Connects our seniors and Youth with kids in India One on one Mentoring

A. About GONA

Guajarati’s of North America is non-profit organization based in India which has benefited over 1500 schools and 600,000 underprivileged children across 41 cities of India. they are working with 100 Top Corporate Companies (HDFC Bank, UPS, Indigo, HDFC Securities, Coke, 3M, IBM, Google, Hexaware, Adani, Reliance, UNICEF, United Way, and others) to transform government schools (better toilets, improved drinking water, scholarships, digital literacy, value based training, etc.). KPMG audits financials and Deloitte reviews processes.

B. About Udaan Project

Udaan as the name suggests aims to deliver wings in form of Education that can lead any younger future of India to fly and live the dreams he/she always dreams of. The project paves a way for all those kids who are in search of an identity and are ready to work hard to achieve it. Less than half of India’s children between age 6 and 14 go to school. Out of those left children only 29% of them go to private schools the other 71% go to municipal schools. We feel that children are the future of a country and we want them to be skilled and be the brand ambassadors of the future India we believe in success stories and we make them happen and make them employable.

Thus it aims to deliver scholarships to the kids that are selected after a hefty selection process. And with this even more heftier selection process is prepared for all those working at the back end of this project that are all the donors who take responsibility of kid they adopt for imparting further education.

C. About GONA Mentoring – Virtual Mentoring

GONA Mentoring is a Virtual Mentor-Mentee program, where volunteer can spare an hour to interact with our scholarship students from different parts of India and can share their life experience and provide career and life skill counseling to students over video call. Such kind of exposure help students deal with their challenges and also motivate them to achieve their set goals.

The campaign connects top corporate, sportspersons and various other retire engineers, doctors and college student and professional youth in USA connect with less privileged but brilliant school and college students online for a 30 to 60 minutes mentoring session one on one.

D. Mentees Experience

1. “In today’s session with Mr. Vivek Ladha, Vice President, and Corporate Treasury at Goldman Sachs was a great talk about formal skills required in today’s corporate environment. He gave me all the important hacks about on how to draft formal e-mails. He also tips on formal dressing and on corporate etiquettes. He also shared his personal contact number and email id for any further contact. All in all it was a great learning experience!” – Vivek

2. “My Mentor emphasized on English ‘speaking, reading and writing’ practice. This will help in opening venues in different profession/career in part of world. Gave me some tips and tricks on how face a job interview.” – Karthick Vijay

3. “People from Goldman Sachs shared their work experience and career opportunity in their organization. They also helped me in deciding the stream that I chose after my 10th and best colleges in India.” – Rid

4. “It was nice having conversation with Neha Kumari, working at Goldman Sachs. We discussed on menstrual hygiene and how to manage during periods. We both sang song together; it was my best 60 minutes, where I enjoyed spending time with her. I am looking forward to meet her soon over the video call. – Ritu Prajapati

Hoope at glance

Have A Helping Hand For Hope.

Whether you are an individual looking to connect with your Gujarati roots, a professional seeking to enhance your career prospects, or someone fascinated by the beauty of the language, our organization is here to support you on your Gujarati language learning journey.

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Our organization also takes pride in its commitment to community engagement. We actively collaborate with local cultural organizations, community centers, and schools to promote the Gujarati language and culture in the wider community.


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