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At Gona, we are passionate about promoting the rich Gujarati language and culture. Our primary goal is to provide high-quality Gujarati language education and ensure the overall development of our people, equipping them with the skills to effectively navigate life.

About Us

A united Gujarati community that supports our youth in realizing their potential, promotes Gujarati culture and help each other in dark times. Continuing on our journey of Gujarati language education in America, our organization is committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond the classroom. 

A Little Help Can Make A Big Change.

Whether you need extra practice, clarification on a concept, or assistance with specific language goals, our teachers are here to help you succeed.

Our online community platform also facilitates communication and collaboration, allowing students to connect with their peers and teachers beyond the confines of traditional classroom settings.

We understand that learning a language is a personal journey, and our dedicated team of instructors is always ready to provide individualized support and guidance.
Pramod Mistry Gona Founder and CEO

Gona President and Founder Pramod Mistry
And Kanaksinh Zala Gona co founder with Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr Bhupendra Patel

Just A Little Help Can Make Their Hearts Happier.

A united Gujarati community that supports our youth in realizing their potential, promotes Gujarati culture and help each other in dark times.

Our Mission
  • To help our seniors be more active by giving back through mentor-mentee program and engaging in creative activities.
  • To encourage our youth to participate in celebrating culture, religion, spirituality, sports, and politics.
  • To celebrate our Religion and culture by creating content for TV and digital platforms.

  • To build Community Centers across the US that bring Guajarati’s together.

  • To strengthen and enhance our political participation in the US.

Our Events & Memories

Fund Raising For Gona
Giving Plaque to Ex CM Mr Rupani
Gona Team with Minister Pursottam Rupala
State minister and Indian consulate general of San Francisco
Gona co founder and Ex CM of Gujarat with BAPS Mahantswamy
Gona team with Jay Vasavada and DJ Devki
Hoope at glance

Have A Helping Hand For Hope.

Whether you are an individual looking to connect with your Gujarati roots, a professional seeking to enhance your career prospects, or someone fascinated by the beauty of the language, our organization is here to support you on your Gujarati language learning journey.

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Our Founder & CEO

Pramod Mistry Gona Founder and CEO

Mr. Pramod Mistry

Gona Founder and CEO

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Let's become our family.

Our organization also takes pride in its commitment to community engagement. We actively collaborate with local cultural organizations, community centers, and schools to promote the Gujarati language and culture in the wider community.


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